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Sqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photosSqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photos

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The music video : Friendly Match – Zanie Brown ft Ziza Bafana


It has been ages since we last had a Ugandan hit that gets complemented by an awesome video. Friendly Match comes close to being that hit song. Whoever sat down and conceptualised the storyline was really creative. The video which is shot at a certain school in Luzira, begins with Ziza Bafana’s team that is preparing to face off with the Zanie Brown all-female team in a basketball match. The two opposing teams happen to come from different directions. This tenses up the moment for the viewer and gives importance to this match.
Ziza Bafana is in full basketball attire; shorts and a well-fitted yellow jersey. Zanie Brown’s team on the other hand adorns costumes that are in between those meant for cheer-leaders and netballers. It is the attention to the tiny details that gives this video the stars. For example, Zanie Brown has the pink weave while Ziza Bafana has plaited hair coupled with dark shades and a cap. It is thus easy for them to stand out from the pack of the video characters.
Once the game starts, the video is inter-spaced with well-choreographed moves all taking place on the court. It all seems like a real game with breaks of dances in between quarters. In the end, Zanie Brown’s team wins the game and lifts the trophy. What happens next is like the after-party celebrations where Zanie Brown changes into African apparel.
The chemistry from the start to the end is very visible, there is no question about it. Zanie Brown and Ziza Bafana bond like they have known each other for years. If there is one thing to learn from this video, it is the special art in utilising one location and not boring the viewer with monotony. You can mute the video, and the plot will still make sense.

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