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The DVD : Let’s be cops

Two struggling friends, the kind people call losers, attend a costume party dressed up as police officers. The party is a high school reunion and while there, their former school mates dressed so sharply and talking about their careers, rub it in that they are indeed losers. Two years later Ryan (Jake Johnson) has not found a job and is still living off the few bucks he was paid for doing a herpes advert which says nothing about his claimed acting abilities.
Justin (Damon Wayans Jr) on the other hand, works with a company that develops video games. To earn, he is supposed to come up with a “selling” idea but each time he comes up with anything, it is rubbished.
No one, male or female, wants to be associated with them but all this changes when they walk down the street in their police uniforms. All of a sudden they are neighbourhood sensations; the women throw themselves at them and when they try to act like cops by stopping people for random checks, to their surprise people actually obey. So they decide to actually be cops now that they have got nothing to lose. This decision takes us through a fun journey until they are caught. The backstage scenes are really hilarious, this is a comedy that anyone will enjoy.

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