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Zari bows to pressure, breastfeeds baby Tiffah


Socialite Zari Hassan seems to have bowed to pressure and started breastfeeding her new baby, Latiffah Dangote.
Zari was the centre of social media criticism some weeks back after singer Diamond Platinumz posted a photo feeding the couple’s new-born on a bottle. Many rushed to the conclusion that Zari was selfish, minding more about her cleavage than the baby’s nourishment. However, a few of her social media friends posted in her defence. “She probably did not have enough breast milk and needed to supplement what she had with bottle milk. I do not think she would be that mean to her baby,” wrote a one Nancy Lee.

Well, Zari seems to have finally settled the debate about her breastfeeding baby Tiffah. The socialite recently posted photos of her breastfeeding baby Tiffah. And unlike many mothers who breastfeed without caring about the prying eyes of the public, Zari does not expose her breasts for everyone to see. She covers them up to ensure it is all between her and her baby.
Meanwhile, Zari also recently joined Diamond for gym sessions and we can comfortably say the results are amazing. She has cut all the baby fat and going by her body shape, it would be hard to convince anyone that she is a new mother, let alone a mother of four.

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