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U-Turn show now on NBS TV


“Please inform all our fans out there that choose to dodge supporting us every Thursday at National Theatre and only wait for our free TV U-Turn comedy shows, that we are changing channels,” read a message from one of the Fun Factory comedians. At first we took it for another of their usual Whatsapp jokes, but we later found out it was true.
According to the Fun Factory managing director, Hannington Bugingo, the U-Turn comedy show will be airing on NBS TV every Wednesday and Thursday at 7.40pm; just after Sunset news.
“The show is sponsored by Mirinda and they pay us for everything. So they made a decision to take it to NBS TV. We hope for the best,”
Bujju told us. The comedian, however, chose to remain silent when we asked about their sponsorship package from Mirinda.
“Just know we are happy; we have been with those guys (Mirinda) for years and they have done a tremendous job to see us to this level,” Bujju said.
In the meantime, preparations are underway for a mega unveiling party to officially introduce the show to the NBS viewership.

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