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Jeff asked for Shs5m for Sheebah to perform at my concert – Pallaso


Singer Pallaso managed to register success at his maiden Twatoba concert. The concert held at Freedom City last Saturday saw the spacious Freedom City packed with his fans. But while the crowd did not disappoint, the same cannot be said of Pallaso. The younger Mayanja tried all he could; but it was evident that there was a serious missing link; and that link was Sheebah.
After struggling so hard to impress on his own, Pallaso seemed to have noticed that he could not do much; he paused his performance and decided to save face by explaining to revellers about Sheebah.
“I am sorry Sheebah could not make it because of that man Jeff Kiwa. He has a bad heart, he never wants to see anyone grow; he is the biggest problem to Ugandan music,” a rather angry Pallaso ranted amid wild cheers.
Pallaso went on to reveal the role he played in making Sheebah what she is; “I wrote songs for Sheebah, I helped her become a star, but how does she pay me back? Jeff asked me for Shs5m for her to perform at my first concert. But the show still has to go on,” Pallaso ranted on.

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