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Irene Ntale protected by Kasese fans after failed concert


Irene Ntale does not have a history of missing performances nor has she refused to perform at any concerts where she agreed to provide her services. But there is a first time for everything, and for the first time ever, Ntale went off the stage at Rwenzori Square in Kasese last weekend.
According to our sources in Kasese, Ntale arrived earlier in the day and spent time at her hotel until later in the night when she headed to the show venue. Not even the early downpour deterred both Ntale and her fans from being at the venue in time.
According to the source, the Gyobera singer was on time, but as she waited to get on stage, the sound system went off. According to Irene’s personal manager, Veronica, the promoter – a one Lutaaya was overheard saying the sound equipment had developed a slight glitch. However, a few minutes later, the machines completely went off.
“Lutaaya stepped on stage and apologised to the revellers, but they could not take any of it,” Vero told us.
Revellers turned chaotic and the sound equipment was vandalised. Police had to intervene to calm the situation after revellers turned violent.
However, while all this was happening, Ntale was untouched. “Instead the fans escorted us back to the hotel where Ntale sat and chatted away with tens of them till the wee hours of the night,” Veronica said.

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