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I will not drink in public again, Salvado swears


Many thought Salvado had decided to pull a practical joke, so the crowd cheered wildly. But alas! It was no joke; the comedian had lost his balance and landed into the swimming pool at Centenary Park. This was during DJ Roja and Slick Stuart’s MixTape party last Friday.
The stage had been placed in the middle of the pool, and the distance between the stage and the pool banks was uncovered. Salvado and a couple of friends occupied one of the tables next to the pool and the comedian kept going on stage to crack some jokes.
One other thing though, he did this while enjoying some bitter from a green whisky bottle. He seemed to have forgotten that there was a swimming pool besides him, so he took a step and fell into the pool.
It was an accident, but the crowd cheered as Salvado’s young brother, Thomas rushed to his rescue.
All seemed well, considering that both the victim and the crowd drew fun from the incident. However, Salvado lost a few valuables and this influenced his next update: “So last night at the mixtape party, I was heading to the stage and forgot it was set over a pool….chuuuuuu nga I fall in with all my gadgets. So my iPhone and wifi modem are gone. Well, basically that was my performance last night. I will never drink again in public. By public, I mean concerts, stadiums, etc. Bars and clubs are private.”

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