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Fashion tip : The green padded bomber jacket


The green padded bomber jacket: The rains are looming, and soon we shall all be looking for ways to cover up and yet still be in vogue.
This trendy jacket was one of the items that made an appearance in rapper Kanye West’s collection at last year’s fashion week.
And the item is still a catch even as we come to the climax of 2015.
This jacket is the new way to step up your game, and turn heads everywhere you go. The olive green coloured jacket will not only help keep you warm, but also come off with a stylish layered look.
To nail this look, make sure the other items fit well, so that you do not come off with a rather bulky look. For instance, you can wear it with a pair of leggings and vest. Alternatively, you could add your jacket on a body-hugging dress, and add the jacket as a layering option.
The other option would be to go for a monotone look and let the jacket do the colour blocking. An all-white outfit would be finished off well, if you add this olive green jacket.
Other combinations could be all-black, all-red, or even all-yellow outfits.
When it comes to accessories, the shoes should be your main point of focus. Anything from sneakers to brogues will be perfect for this look. At the end of the day, it all depends on how imaginative and creative you can get.
Wondering where to buy it? Try getting it online.

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