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Ethiopians in Uganda usher in 2008


As we are only counting down three months to usher in 2016, Ethiopians have just celebrated their New Year, 2008. Ethiopians all over the world welcomed Enkutatash, which is loosely translated as New Year last Friday night.

As it has always been a culture for Ethiopians living and working in Uganda, the Ethiopian embassy in Uganda always ensures their citizens feel at home even when they are far away, by organising such events.
To welcome the New Year, the Ethiopian community in Uganda gathered at the Atlantic Bar in Kansanga as they waited for the clock to tick midnight.
Unlike the usual celebrations that characterise New Year celebrations like fireworks, there was none of that, but Ethiopians nationals and their families as well as their Uganda friends came together over Ethipian food and dancing to their traditional music.
“This year’s event was not as colourful as last year’s, because back then, we flew in a traditional entertainment group from Ethiopia, and we had fireworks, but we promise to do better next year,” said Amsalu Tizazu Meta, a consul at the Ethiopian Embassy.
Unlike other countries, Ethiopians use a different calendar which they adopted many centuries ago. Their calendar has 13 months, with the 13th month having five or six days depending on whether it’s an even or leap year. Every year, their Enkutatash, (New Year) falls on September 11 or 12 in a leap year.

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