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#30DaysofFlavia causes social media buzz


Since she joined the NTV news team, 9 o’clock news has not been the same. Several people – especially men – continue to heap praises on the way Flavia Tumusiime does her thing.
Well, since she began her anchoring career, Flavia decided to tell her life stories through a social media initiative she dubbed #30DaysofFlavia.
And boy oh boy, Flavia surely has very inspiring stories. Her Facebook fans are undoubtedly having a blast.
Case in point is Day 27’s post which got many people talking and inspired a trending hashtag #WhoDidYouTurnDown? where people named celebrities they ‘turned down’. Check this out: My Name is Denis Mukungu. I turned down Irene Ntale. ?#WhoDidYouTurndown?, Miiro Faisal: Hehehe just turned Miria Matembe down. Zahara Nandaula: Hehehe. Who knew it would get to this? Anyway, I turned down Muzaata.
Anyhow, if you missed out on the post, the broadcast queen revealed how US rapper J-Cole, hit on her.
Flavia said she met J-Cole during her stint as the Big Brother Africa 2012 host. “I had been so excited about the interview because I was a fan and I knew most of his music,” Flavia said.
She added that after the interview, her interviewee seemed very impressed and went ahead to compliment her. “I asked for a pic with just me and him and after the pic, he told me, ‘Shawty you look nice and I loved the interview’!” However, an hour later, Flavia says she was shocked when one of J-Cole’s bodyguards walked to her and told her the ‘boss’ wanted to talk to her privately.
“As he pulled me away, my colleague came and grabbed my hand and asked to speak to me…she said “I bet he wants a moment with you alone, don’t be stupid, he thinks you are available,” Flavia wrote.
And voilà, J-Cole had just made a pass at our own Flavia; and she managed to keep it to herself all this long! But to stick to her advice: “Your actions could incite a reaction you are not prepared for so be careful how you relate towards strangers.”

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