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Date with a celeb : Miss Uganda Zahara gets playful with fan


Facing beauty: She is a few months into her reign, but that did not stop Miss Uganda Zahara Nakiyaga from finding time to catch up with her fan Irene Nakitende Kirabo.

Hi Zahara, how old are you?
I am 23 years old.

How has your reign as Miss Uganda been so far?
So far so good, I am not complaining.

What do you like most about being Miss Uganda?
Meeting different people; I have met the Queen Mother of Tooro, Col. Felix Kulaigye and others I cannot think of right now.

Have you faced any challenges so far?
Nothing has put me off yet.

What are you up to now as Miss Uganda?
We are doing different outreaches with Reach a Hand Uganda, together with the organisers. We reach out to youths, advise them, talk to them about sexual reproductive health, and empower them to stay in school. We are also fundraising for children with disabilities and COSO, a rehabilitation facility, with the help of Mirinda.

What do you expect to achieve as Miss Uganda that previous beauty queen did not?
I have to be relevant after my reign; I have different projects for children with disabilities, among others.

What prizes were you given?
I got Shs4m, a car, DVD player, decoder and other small items.

Who was your biggest competition among the top five?
They were all a challenge but the main ones were Juliana and Ingrid.

What do you think made you win?
According to people, I was confident with the way I answered questions.

Who is Zahara besides being Miss Uganda?
I am a loving, caring, playful, sometimes shy and very reserved person.

Tell me about your family and school background?
I come from a family of four, with two brothers, My dad is called Hajj Kiyaga and my mom is called Hajjat Mariam Nabirye. I went to Shimoni Demonstration School, Kibuli Secondary School and Mariam High School for my secondary education. I have just completed my bachelors’ degree in Development Studies at Makerere University.

What next after Miss Uganda?
I will put my different projects together, such as rearing rabbits, and pineapple farming because my family owns a farm. I will also be working with different NGOs.

Which sport do you play?
I play tennis.

What are your hobbies?
Hanging out with friends and watching movies.

What is your best dish?
Pilau and peas.

Who is your best international artiste?

Where do you love to hang out?
That would be in Jinja; the bungee jumping site, quad biking and boat riding.

Who is your ideal man?
Hahaha. I did not think it would go there. But now that we are there, I would like someone hardworking, religious and understanding.

Do you know how to use a condom?
Yes I do. Back in high school, they used to teach us how to use them.

What topic would you address at a school if the opportunity arises?
I would talk about abstinence because today’s youths are so exposed to everything but if they are educated about abstaining, it could save them from early pregnancies and STDs.

Between fire and water, what would you choose?
I would prefer water because water is cool and it puts out fire.

If you were the president of Uganda, which law would you pass?
I would pass a much bigger sentence for people who defile and molest children. A sentence that would make them regret their actions.

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