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Connie Tiffs

Connie’s Tiffs :Clearly some people missed out on a stage

“Why does this place have so many rowdy little beings scattered all over the place? And why are they this disrespectful, huh?” went a woman, supposedly in her mid 40s to her gangoz while at some popular hangout in Kisementi.

Now you wonder what she was doing at a place characterised by energetic youth, pouncing on anything that caught their eyes in the name of “living”.
Isn’t this a clear example of one under fixation? I mean, I do not understand how this woman expected to happen amid silence, with oldies music playing quietly in the background while she and her pals talked about every serious topic in society.
Ahem! Wonders shall never end. Please note that she and crew had tried so hard to dress the part, only for them to end up looking misplaced because clearly it is hard to fake a phase that you missed out on.
Oba it would not hurt if certain people realised that there is a place for everyone? This business of trying so hard to keep up with trends and losing the plot in the end just will not work.
I mean, the babes at one point started issuing instructions to the waiters to ask some people to leave, mbu they were dressed indecently; an act they found disrespectful.
Eh! It is as though they had left wherever they came from to come play “headmistress”.
Talk about a misplaced case in real sense.
Anyways ,we can understand that some people miss out on certain stages in life. However, they should handle it properly when it picks up eventually. Choose the right place at the right time.
But if that fails and you find yourself at oba a daytime gig meant for teenagers, then swallow the pill and try to exist with every headache that comes with such a decision. Okay?


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