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Connie Tiffs

Connie’s Tiffs :Artistes should bite only what they can chew

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. When I looked at Pallaso performing before empty seats at his just-concluded concert in Mukono over the weekend, I went like “ooops! What just happened?”

Well, it is not like he is the first artiste to experience this in Uganda where anything can happen. One is safer not taking situations for granted but again one cannot help but wonder; at what point do people learn not to stretch beyond their limits?
This business of some artistes planning a launch/concert of sorts and wanting to milk every opportunity in every town just beats my understanding.
I mean, a main launch is organised in the capital and immediately followed by a series of small tu gigs in any town that comes to mind.
Now, while that might apply to certain artistes who have either been around for a while or have made massive hits that appeal to all groups of people, it may be a different case in other situations, as evidenced by Pallaso’s flop.
And please save us all the excuses that could follow in the name of changing venues and the like. One thing is certain; Ugandans are some of the most determined beings I have ever met. When it comes to happening, nothing will stop them as long as the will (money) is there, so if a show flops here, it has flopped, period!
In a nutshell, some of these artistes should know when to stop and save the need to mint a dime until that time when every condition facilitates it. After all, one successful show is good enough for a start, others can definitely follow eventually, it is just a matter of time.
This business of getting too ambitious and running ahead of oneself only for one major disappointment to follow is just not worth it, how about we stuck to biting into what we can chew, huh?


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