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The music video : Mukadde – Guvnor Ace


What’s that one Ugandan video that represents everything that is wrong with music videos? The Mukadde music video depicts an oddly whimsical romantic dystopia. The shock about this video is that it is not a mere imagination, it is based on a true story, and it features the very characters of that story acting out their life roles. We have the young and energetic Guvnor Ace who takes this moment to showcase his ‘ancestor.’ If this video stands for one thing, it is for the saying that age is just a number.
Guvnor Ace’s wife swings in the hammock as the husband showers heaps of praises upon her and constantly pampers her. Together they head to the lakeside for a bountiful play in the water. Of course, the fatigue caused by age is evident on the wife’s face; this explains her state of near inactivity and slow approach in all the scenes in the music video. This video gives all the possible reasons that love exists, and proves how love is indeed blind and willing to close an eye to what the group-think would see as flaws.
Overall, there is not much to gaze about in this video. The fashion sense is just numbing, the camera angles are very misplaced and are devoid of an expertise touch. Plug out this cross-generational couple and you will be left with no music video. They are the dancers in this video, they are the main characters, and they are the highlight. Except for the onlookers who give off the body language of disbelief, the video should have been made shorter and there would not be much of a difference.
I think the video plays out a little too long, past its shelf-life. Yes, we have no problem with cross-generational love. Everyone is entitled to their life choices, but we deserve artistic videos.
catch the video…

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