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The dvd :The Big Game

Imagine you are in one of those countries where heroes are celebrated. Now imagine you are from a remote place where you have to do something extraordinary to become a man and on that day when you are supposed to say hunt and kill a deer, you instead rescue the president of the United States of America (Samuel L. Jackson). Imagine all the headlines that would carry your name. Imagine how famous you would be.
That is the story of Oskari (Onni Tommila). On the day he is set to prove that he is a man, the US president’s head of security has already connived with a group of terrorists to kill him and earn himself a few bucks.
The plane is hijacked and it lands in the wilderness where Oskari is. Oskari helps the president who barely has an idea about life out of the White House. Together with Oskari, they are an awkward pair – it is unlikely they can make it out alive.
This is a great watch. Samuel and Tommila act really well in this movie. I hope to see Tommila in many more movies. The inclusion of adventure from the 90s and 80s is a great addition.

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