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The DVD : Seal Team Six: The Raid on Osama Bin Laden

This is a movie based on the raid on Osama Bib Laden. It is obviously based on a true story but with some twists and exaggerations. The best troops, six of them, are prepared to go after Bin Laden, the terrorist behind the September 11, 2001 attack, the biggest attack on the US. The movie features Tait Fletcher, Cam Gigandet, Robert Knepper, Kenneth Miller, Arson Mount, Freddy Rodrigez and Xzbit. It really is not that captivating at the beginning. I could not help comparing it to Zero Dark Thirty, a movie based on the same that premiered before and won an Oscar for sound editing the year Argo won so many awards. Zero Dark Thirty should have won a couple more.
It is only when clips from the day of the attack are shown in Seal Team Six that the movie becomes intriguing. It takes you back to that year, images of the towers coming down, faces of people dying, screaming in pain and grieving.
Watching the troops contact their loved ones not knowing if they will see them again makes it really emotional.
Scenes of President Barrack Obama pacing and trying to make the decision of whether to send the troops in or not, especially since there is no confirmation that Bin Laden is in the targeted building makes you think you are watching it in real time. Attempts to confirm if Bin Laden is indeed there or not fail but even then the president decides that the men should go in and then it is action time.


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