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The DVD : A quest of heroes


Marek (Melanie Stone) is a beautiful slave with a foot disease that makes her limp. You would think that this would restrain her movements but far from that, she is so adventurous and likes to experiment so she just cannot stay in one place. Marek is always begging to be allowed to accompany whoever seems to be going on exciting adventures and she is a magician.
When she is forced to leave her master’s house, Marek meets a help-seeking priestess Teela (Nicola Posener) and offers her assistance to search of Teela’s sister, who was kidnapped by a wild ogre. Teela only accepts Marek to go with her because the payment is too little for anyone to accept and go with her on the deadly. But luckily they are joined by two other men.
Going after the orge turns out to be a much harder task than the group imagined. Along the way one gives up and demands his payment. Marek also contemplates leaving. But because of her life lesson on friendship, she fails to go through with her plans.
The movie is captivating but bits of this movie seemed “devilish” – it must be the magic, reference to idols and the frequent scenes of owls. These scenes are so creepy, making this unsuitable for children and adults who get nightmares, especially if watch the movie at night.


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