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Zari shuns breastfeeding?


To many younger people, the photo of Diamond Platinumz bottle-feeding his newly born baby Princess Tiffah, speaks volumes about how a caring dad he is. But many parents took the pic in not so good light and they were quick to judge Zari as selfish, wondering how the socialite could let her week-old daughter be bottle-fed.
Many think Zari is not breastfeeding her baby because she is worried her breasts may sag.
Many critics described the photo of Diamond feeding baby Tiffah on a bottle as unfortunate and ashaming. “What precedence are they setting to the younger girls that look up to them? I don’t think they were fed on bottles when they were born. They should be fair to that baby, she needs breast milk,” wrote a critic on Facebook. Meanwhile, Zari announced that her newly born baby was signed as an ambassador for a baby shopping centre in Tanzania.
“…I am happy to announce that from today my little girl @princess_tiffah (instagram & twitter acc) has become the Baby Shop brand ambassador at Msasani city mall & Pugu Mall (Tanzania), with an endorsement worth of TShs50m (about Shs 84m) and Baby Shop complimentary products worth TShs1m Shs1.67m) every month. This contract is valid for 1 Year,” Zari revealed on her Facebook wall.

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