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Feedback: If it is that simple, why don’t you try it?

Henry H. Ssali had an interesting opinion in his Sqoop editorial in Daily Monitor last Friday. He talks about the need for promoters to stop bringing the same artistes and try other artistes. He goes on to state that his ‘online research’ revealed to him that one can get Kenny Rogers for a ‘paltry’ $50K, Usher for $100K, etc.

Let’s first clear some of these fallacies:
1. Why is it that artistes like Shaggy have performed here over and over while others haven’t? It could be that he’s WILLING to travel here for one show, with no or with very little questions asked. Are other artistes willing to do the same?
2. When you state that Kenny Rogers is available for ‘only’ $50K, the next question should be, where is he available to perform for that fee?? Does your online research stipulate this? A domestic US concert or overseas? People forget how long it takes to travel from the States to here, and the fact that artistes might have to stay for six days minimum, to only perform once! You certainly cannot get an artiste of that stature here for that fee.
3. The concert does not end with the artiste’s fee. You may think an artiste is ‘only’ $50K, but have you looked at their Technical and Performance Riders? Do not forget, $50K is now well over Shs150m UGX! By the time you have a feasible budget, the figure will be Shs600m and more. Add media and taxes to that figure while you’re at it.
4. Corporate sponsorship for music concerts is at an all time low. If you don’t get about 70 per cent of your budget sponsored, it’s suicidal to do an International concert in this town.
5. There is literally, ZERO music sales in Uganda, why would a recording artiste travel all the way here to do one show, and not charge top dollar? SA has a functioning music industry, with international record labels, arenas, music concerts logistics available etc. It makes sense for top artistes to perform there coz of the need to promote their music in a market that sells it.
Like I keep telling folks, if it’s that simple, why don’t you try it? Heck, it’s literally ‘free money’. Why not do it yourself, so Ugandans can enjoy more of these International concerts? The more the merrier. Nation Media Group is HUGE financially, they surely can invest in an Usher concert. Let’s start there.
Jazz Safari

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