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Comedian Dolibondo into tents business



This is a pure case of one thing leading to another. When comedian Felix Jesero aka Dolibondo thought of his own comedy show; he thought of an out of town, outdoor comedy show – to be specific comedy in the jungle. Dolibondo called his idea Camp Comedy. And like we told you a few days back, Club Beer liked Dolibondo’s idea and bankrolled him with a cool $20,000 (about Shs66m).
But as the overnight event due on Saturday August 29 draws closer, Dolibondo is also getting more business ideas. The latest on our desk is that he recently invested in over one hundred camping tents.
The comedian’s initial plan was to hire them out at his Camp Comedy show, but during a conversation with one of the managers at Botanical Beach, Dolibondo realised there is a bigger plan beyond his show.
“I am finalising with Botanical Beach management to be the supplier of camping tents at the facility. I will have them stationed there and people that wish to go camping can hire them per night. It looks a juicy business deal,” Dolibondo told us.
He added that the first batch of 50 camping tents will be in Kampala next week while the other will arrive two days to his event.
The comedian also wants to set up an office and rent out the tents to other tourists that wish to go camping in different tourism destinations in the country. All the best Dolibondo.

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