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Connie Tiffs

Connie Tiffs :Jamaica’s Nyanda performing in Masaka was a rib cracker


Last weekend, Jamaican artiste Nyanda graced Uganda with another appearance. Only that this time round, the performance was not in Kampala, but at the Club Mega Fest in Masaka.
Wow! You know when I first heard that she was coming to Uganda, I imagined she would have a series of shows lined up to capture her target audience and that this Masaka thing would be one of those extra shows lined up, kumbe it was the main reason for her being there. Pardon my being absent-minded at first but how can one even blame me for that?
Like seriously, what was Nyanda doing in Masaka? Who even knows her there? I mean how many people in Masaka can relate to her music and get thrilled over it? I think some of these companies have a lot of money to spend.
Take this case, for example, while we might not rule out the fact that some people in Masaka know her and others could have travelled to Masaka for the show (knowing Ugandans and happening really), we cannot escape the fact that majority of the people in Masaka could easily have been sorted by our rich talent in Uganda.
Give them all the big Ugandan names and they will have a blast. After all, the success of any festivity or concert does not lie in the monotony of hosting any Jamaican artiste to complete the picture (I still do not get it with Ugandan shows and this “Jamaican artistes’ syndrome”).
Correct me if I am wrong but Nyanda in Masaka was a clear case of misplaced dimes and efforts. And aren’t we glad that we had the likes of Jose Chameleone, Geoffrey Lutaaya, Irene Namatovu, to give them entertainment they could relate to?
This goes to show that the sooner we gain pride and confidence in our own talent, the better it will get for us all.
I mean we do not need an international artiste to come, excite and “perform miracles” for us to have fun! And if the thought to host one comes across, then it had better be a well orchestrated plan as opposed to having any name to complete the picture.
Clearly the will to have a “Mega concert” is evident but the thought of Nyanda before an audience in Masaka is definitely still a rib cracker!

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