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Acute Angle

The acute angle :The ironies of life

It’s funny how the guys that always beat us in class haven’t exactly turned out to be the most successful in life. Yes, they later turned out to be engineers and doctors but it’s funny how the so-called backbenchers and the one-time school rejects could be the one handing them their monthly cheques.
The girls we never fancied as attractive or dared to invite as our prom dates have been the first off the shelves to get married and start families while the so- called hotties whose beauty our lives depended on are normally their bridesmaids. The smoking hot girls we knew back then are still maintaining their life goals of smoking shisha and setting standards. How sad!
Life hasn’t exactly panned out the way everyone expected. A first class business graduate will work as a bank teller collecting millions of a person who has never been in any class to study business. You honestly wonder who makes the rules on which life is governed. It’s good to be focused and I totally understand when people draw these five-year plans. Obviously, some people have come to see their dreams pass but for some people, life has presented them shocks and disappointment. The script of life will be rewritten and sometimes you will even be lucky to still have a part to play.
It’s inevitable to question life because it will amaze you. The not-so-intelligent rich man’s son is the one who is lucky enough to have his dad’s inheritance and not know how to use it while you with your smart ideas are set to die without ever putting them into action because you can’t raise capital.
The most hardworking people haven’t always been the luckiest. We all know that one person who has closed one business after another even after putting in a lot of effort and you wonder why life has been so unfair to them yet you have seen certain people who are perceived to have been ‘born lucky’.
I know it’s rather silly to believe that some people are born lucky and no one should sit around waiting for luck to choose them but we know there are people who never try too hard to get anything. Life seems so good to them. No matter how your life looks predetermined and you feel like the bad situations you find yourself in at the moment seem to be permanent, your life story could have been written differently and all will be well in future. The good thing about life is that the script could be written in your favour. When your life looks hopeless, it will only take one interaction with someone or one business deal to get your breakthrough. And as much as life hasn’t turned out well for many of our friends, it doesn’t mean our life will take the same direction. Simply do your part and do it well.


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