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Acute Angle

The acute angle : Bar fights: The truth

If you’ve ever been involved in a bar brawl, you must have realised that a victory is only guaranteed if you have the numbers behind you. For as long as you can’t woo any sympathisers to your side, I am sorry bro but you are screwed. It’s never about how innocent you are but how many voices and bodies behind you can give you cover.

No one will ever want to listen to the guy who came on his own and was unfortunate enough to be caught up in a scuffle. Numbers can be deceptive but somehow always draw sympathy and the guy with enough back-up will automatically be the victim. No doubt about it.
Everything happens so fast and if the brawl is not controlled sooner, everything might just boil over. Everything always boils over when you have overly intoxicated chaps trying to justify themselves and their actions. Normally these bar fights sprout over something so petty like a patron accidentally stomping on another’s foot or someone misinterpreting what another one says and then kaboom …war.
Funny thing is that 80 per cent of the people in a bar brawl never know why and who started it. The motive of a fight is lost in the first three to five seconds of that fight. Actually, there is never motive to throw a few punches and plough people’s necks with wine glasses. Some guys just enjoy the thrill of chaos and will sniff around for any opportunity that can gift them a chance to cause chaos. Just give them a lot of alcohol and you are almost sure that they will irritate someone to the point of a fight erupting. Bouncers should always be on the watch for such characters.
We all have that one friend who will regularly want to have a fist-fight with just about anyone from the waitresses to the DJ. They are simply annoying and especially these overprotective boyfriends. Ladies, kindly do not bring your insecure and watchdog boyfriend to the bar. They are such a nuisance and the ones who normally start these fights. The guy will follow his girl everywhere and will even think the DJ is playing a certain song to make a pass at his girl and before you know it, the guy will be raining blows on the DJ.
Guys need to understand that fighting over a woman doesn’t earn you props and is the ultimate no-no for any man. She won’t thank you for protecting her but loathe you for embarrassing her. Ignore the alcohol in your head and walk away. It’s hard I know especially if you have some drunk mascots taunting you with insults but just walk away. It’s never worth it.
Bouncers should also never be tricked into taking sides because one group seems louder than the other. That’s where many bouncers fall short. Otherwise let’s try to be peaceful. Try to buy your ex and her new boyfriend drinks.


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