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The music video : Olle – Fille


This is a music video where the good news makes the bad news look like a drop in the ocean. The bad news is that Fille has consistently decided to do mid-shots in most of her music videos. Why is she denying us the wide shots? For goodness sake, the curiosity in a viewer’s eyes can’t hold it any longer. The only good thing about these mid-shots is that they allow us to see Fille utilise her hand gestures to cover up for her dancing inabilities. Despite these few flaws, Olle still emerges stronger and wins us at various intersections.
First, the storyline starts with Fille who is desperately waiting for Olle to show up. By the time Olle makes an appearance, Fille is already dozing off by the bar counter, having lost all hope. One ought to appreciate the bond between the two, it is very evident. At the scene when both are lying down in the couch, they take a selfie and in teasing her, Olle denies Fille a chance to have a look at the photos. Whoever thought of this must be very observant of real life. That is like the most playful act a dude can pull off with a girlfriend. She will always fight to view the photos, and even pretend to be annoyed when denied a chance.
But that’s not all to this music video. It scores most of its marks from the fact that it picks one location and makes the most out of it. It’s able to execute the whole plot from this location, and it’s also able to entertain us with well-choreographed dances in between. In fact, the dances come as a climax, another matter of good timing, and a pleasant way to end a video. Please Fille, if you are reading this, I too have a pool table to lie on…

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