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The DVD:Child 44

Accents can be cool sometimes, but in this flick, they are something else. At first I thought Leo (Tom Hardy) and the other actors were just fooling around but it turns out I was wrong, the Russian accent was all part of their act in this movie. This would have been okay if the accents were not fake. No wonder Leo said that to prep for the movie, he watched Sesame Street and was inspired by The Count who speaks almost like he did.
In the movie, Leo is a different kind of soldier, the good kind. While his subordinates believe in inhumane acts like killing parents suspected to be traitors in front of their children without giving such an act a second thought, Leo keeps on telling them to avoid unnecessary violence. Such humane acts are unheard of in the war torn country, it is not surprising that he is disliked by many and before long he is asked to betray his wife Raisa (Noomi Rapace).
Leo and Raisa’s love is too realistic. Who would want to have a realistic relationship? I know I do not because I want to feel butterflies in my stomach. But what the realistic relationship does for them is help keep each other alive. The two team up to bring an end to gruesome child murders by a surgeon that was trained by the enemy to yearn for young boys’ blood. It is sickening. Just like a cat, Leo has nine lives. Together with Raisa, they act spiritedly. This is a good watch.


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