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The DVD :The Mechanic


I am a big Jason Statham fan, who is not? I watched this movie back in 2011 when it had just premiered and I had forgotten what an enjoyable watch it is. As I re-watched it, the numerous ways in which Bishop (Jason Statham) carries out murders made me think of the literal meaning of the series How to Get Away With Murder. Movies like this make me shudder at the thought of some thugs watching them and picking stunts from them to use on their victims.
Bishop is not the ordinary mechanic, he is a professional assassin. As heartless as they come, he plans extensively and pays attention to every detail of any execution. If a week is what will get him a good job, he will wait for that long, if it is three weeks, he will spread the tasks across that period. If his boss has asked him to kill you, he will do it even if you are known to him.
He is cornered into teaching his skills to Steve (Ben Foster) who is known to one of Bishop’s victims. When Steve finds out that he killed his father, he plots to do away with him just after their last job of killing the guy who used to get them jobs and then betrayed them. But in which movies has Bishop been completely outsmarted? The fiction is a little too much to take in in some scenes, but nonetheless, this is one movie you can watch over and over again without getting bored.


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