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Major changes at Club Silk

Things are not as smooth as they used to be at Industrial Area-based Club Silk. The club’s clientele has deteriorated in both numbers and quality over the past months. Not even making one of the directors- Stephen Kavuma, the managing director of the club, was able to curb the situation.
A few weeks ago, management embarked on making some changes in the club setting to arrest the situation. The club underwent a makeover: a few changes were effected in the sitting arrangements in all its sections. The changes spilled over to the management too. Kavuma was asked to step aside. Isaac Mulindwa, of the defunct Pam Awards fame, also a director at Club Silk, made a comeback and took over from Kavuma as managing director.
Elvis Sekyanzi, the other director, remains dedicated to seeing the recently opened Liquid Silk bar grow, he does this simultaneously with overseeing business for his Silk Events company.
According to inside sources, Silk is set to go on a recruiting drive that will see them carry out a search for more effective marketers, and our sources say that “poaching” from other hangouts is on the agenda.

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