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Fashion tip : The BRALET. Show off that washboard tummy

While many women are dreaming of those waspy waist lines, I am dreaming of a well-toned washboard complete with abs.
Yes and when that is achieved and I have my enviable abs, I will go out and shop for the wardrobe to match.
And that will include a few bralets. This item is very trendy and stylish. The bralet could even be worn on the red carpet in a casual way.
This cute top is a great addition if you are aiming at a two piece look. You can add little modesty to the look, by adding a jacket thrown over your shoulders. Alternatively, you can also throw on a kaftan to add a bit of cover up.
You can also add it to your skinny jeans and add a waist wrapped shirt for a complete look.
The details of your bralet will defer, as you can have it with cut outs, or have it donned with embellishments.
When it comes to what jewellery you can wear with a bralet, it all depends on what your style choices are, and also how detailed the bralet is.
That said, only wear it if you are bold enough and have the right attitude to pull this off.

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