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Hustler : Hillary Namanya

Namanya runs Dusupay, an online platform meant for online payments via the website He explains more about this e-business.

What is Dusupay?
Dusupay stands for Direct, Useful and Secure User Payment gateway. It is an online platform used to pay utility bills like pay TV, water, electricity, airtime plus sending and receiving money from abroad. It is also on the PayWay machines. It operates in countries like UK, US, Russia, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and others coming onto the platform.

How much did you use to start the business?
I used Shs100m to pay money to be used as float to all telecom companies. This is the money that is being used to run the business at the moment. It was from savings of my business partners.  We are five people running all our online businesses.

How does Dusupay work?
Currently we have agents who operate with us in different places like restaurants and offices. They just sit on the computer and help people pay their bills, buy airtime, send and receive money among other services.

In every business, the intention is to make profits. How do you make yours?
For every transaction made, we share 50 per cent of the profits with the agent.

How do you get these agents?
Sometimes we talk to people; if they are interested then we open for them a Dusupay agent account. They can start operating by loading a minimum amount of Shs50,000 to Shs1,000,000. The agents get commission off each transaction made.

What challenges are you facing?
It is costly in that we had to put in a lot of money. It also needs time to monitor the website all the time in order to make useful changes. Convincing people to deposit their money is also another challenge on its own.

What are the future plans of Dusupay?
We are planning to dominate the country and spread our wings to fully operate in other countries by adding extra services like paying taxes through us.

Where are your offices located?
We are situated in Ntinda, Ministers Village, Plot 42, Coronation Road.

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