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Hustler : Geoffrey Nkwanga

Geoffrey Brynne Nkwanga is a song writer and singer commonly known as Dokta Brain. He started writing songs in P5 but only started benefiting from it two years ago.

When did you start song writing?
Professionally, I started early last year, but I have been writing since my primary school days.

Who are some of the artistes you have written for?
Angella Kalule, Diana Nalubega, Winnie Nwaji, Hindu Asha, Shamim Namawa, Aziz Azion, Barbi Jay, Tip Swizzy, Spice Diana, Serena Bata, Shaphique and many more.

How much do you charge to write a song?
Well, the style of the song and the artiste matter. But zouk and dancehall songs are more expensive than other styles. My fee ranges from Shs500,000 onwards.

What inspires you to write?
I’m inspired by everything around me. The sun, rain, trees, people and everything in society. It’s an incredible feeling that is unstoppable.

Have you always had a passion for writing songs?
I wrote my first song while I was in P5. I kept writing until 2014 when I realised I could earn from it.

How much do you earn in a good month?
It isn’t fixed. Sometimes I can make as much as a Shs1m,  at times make Shs500,000 and sometimes nothing at all.

What is the most difficult part in writing a good song?
Like I said, I get inspiration from everything but the difficult thing about a song is arranging the verses. They have to rhyme, otherwise it distorts the whole meaning of the song. You have to be extra careful about that.

What challenges have you faced in this kind of business?
Clients are not as reliable as expected; some don’t want to pay, while others take long to complete their payment. But apart from that, it’s a sweet feeling when they pay.

Among the songs you have written, what is your best?
Malayika by Angella Kalule.  I wrote that song within a short period of time. It took me just five minutes. It was just flowing.

How many songs have you written this year?
I have worked on about 10 to 15 big projects, some have not yet been released though.

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