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Date with a celeb : Lights, camera, action with Jim Resley

Behind the lens: Jim Resley has set his eyes on the international scene and is one video director who will push the video until channels like MTV and Trace start playing them. He explains more to his fan Sam Kisakye.

What is your real name and where did the name Jim Resley come from?
My name is Edmund Sematimba. Jim Resley Sematimba is my father’s name. For an incredible man like him; it was only proper that I try and follow in his footsteps.

Where did you learn video production?
I did internship at BBC Scotland. However, I was doing a few things here and there with cameras throughout my college and university days, so with that portfolio I applied for the internship which led to a full time job.  It helped me travel a lot as a camera man and I was part of the crew that shot shows like East Enders and Taggart among others.

For how long have you been doing video production?
I worked seven years out of Uganda and I have been here for about two years, though  I would say things have been tough.

What are some of the videos you have worked on?
I have a catalogue from documentaries to TV commercials, short films and now music videos. For music videos there is Keko’s Mutima, Bigtril’s Pretty Girls, Navio’s Kigozi, Mith’s Go Hard, Ahh Ahh for Atlas featuring Chameleone, Rabadaba and Don Mc’s Love Portion , Sentema and others coming out soon.

Which video has been the most difficult for you to do?
For production, I would say my short film for Virgin Group which got number 10 in the UK. Basically there were no funds because I wasn’t a citizen but a simple permanent resident so I couldn’t qualify for a grant. I had to do more night shifts fixing computer servers for HP to do it. I would say Rabadaba’s Mwami Sentema was the most complicated video for me because I didn’t know how huge a star he was until I got to the location, the Taxi Park. Shooting from there was a nightmare.

Why would an artiste trust you to work with him or her?
I always try to instill confidence, trust and esteem with whoever I work with. If I can’t get you to trust me then there’s no point working together because in this business, both parties have to be on the same page for quality work.

What is the most difficult thing in your job?
I would say marketing my videos. Creating the gateway to push my work across borders isn’t an easy task. I am not one to wait for a client to push the video. Once I am done with the video, we start pushing all over Uganda and across borders. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

How many videos can you shoot in a day?
We can’t shoot more than one. That’s not the way we work. We pride in giving our clients maximum attention for what they have paid for.

What is the funniest thing an artiste has ever done on location?
Mith pretending to be a priest. That was very funny during the shoot of his Go Hard video.

How much do you charge for a simple concept video?
That’s a very hard question to answer. It all depends on the script. A simple concept may not necessarily mean a simple cheque, which I think you’re hinting at. It all depends.

What is the best location for videos?
All locations are good. Right now as Jim Resley, we are ready for outdoors because that’s where our competition is.

What are your best videos so far?
Big Trill’s Pretty Girls and Simple Girl by Lillian Mbabazi.

What schools did you go to?
I went to Lohana Academy, King’s College Budo, Vienna College, Green Hill Academy, Reid Kerr College and Glasgow Caledonian University in Scotland.

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