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Connie’s Tiffs : Put comfort first

You know what they say, “pride comes before a fall”.  I mean, just the other day I spotted some babe donning this pair of heels, and although they kinda looked cool, the discomfort couldn’t be ignored.
Anyways, the chick strutted her stuff as she made way to her date who was waiting anxiously, of course caring less about the concerned eyes.
Truth is this babe had pain written all over her face. At some point, she tried to make her way out and guess what? She fell hard to the ground! Of course you know how mean people can be. Some laughed at her while her date tried to cover up the embarrassment by picking her up. The nightmare was not over yet because she had another major fall in the parking area. This time she rolled with her round dress letting go and revealing the “unrevealable”.
Jeez! The price some people pay to look trendy! Isn’t it weird that one can choose to risk ruining a good night by wearing an uncomfortable pair of shoes?
What happened to putting comfort ahead of anything while dressing up? This girl saw it coming. For starters she was not happy given the disturbed look on her face. Then the “falls” that crowned her night! I mean, do you even remember the last time you fell? Eeish!
It even got worse when she could not hide it. So in the end, she seemed misplaced, got more than enough embarrassing moments as if that was an item on her agenda when she made it to this place.
People can be weird. I think that while it’s okay to embrace different trends in the name of looking good, it makes sense to stick to what works for you, before looking like a villager who just got introduced to wearing shoes!

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