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The music video : Ndi Mukodo – Cindy ft Navio

This video nudged me to praise it right from the start. From the way it begins, you just can’t help but go ahead to watch it. There are many camera angles at play in the beginning. And then like a mermaid springing out of the sea, Cindy rises from the water, with a dripping Brazilian weave. You know there and then that this video is unlike other Ugandan videos. Once the mermaid comes to life, she activates with that energetic dance in the water. She makes it seem so fun and romantic to play in the water, but above all, to watch her.
It’s one of those videos that are bound to unscrew some of our conservative bolts. Rarely do we see a female musician get so comfortable in her skin, donning her yellow bikini. But Cindy does it. The skies are blue, and this helps reflect better on the waters. It’s not just a video of a lively mermaid, it’s a video that communicates life and brings you to life as you watch it, from the colours to the two characters that feature in it.
By the time we get to the parts where Navio and Cindy stand side by side, one is almost contented. The only downside is Navio’s black outfit. It is over-sized.  He could have done much better joining Cindy on the beach scene, in some summer shorts. Perhaps he could have come rowing on a canoe just to twist this video.
Maybe the video was a climax of Cindy’s visual narcissism (reason Navio couldn’t join in for the lakeside shots).

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