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Meddie steps up Fabiola’s security

The romance between Meddie SSentongo and Anitah Fabiola is one that will make their exes envious. The two are simply inseparable. Of late, when you see Meddie anywhere, be sure Fabiola is in the vicinity.
And the two are not the kind that will hold back their romance wherever they are. Meddie is determined to shower Fabiola with anything and everything. While enjoying a night out at Club Venom, Meddie pulled out wads of 20k notes and he started spanking Fabiola’s behind with them. Fabiola smiled on as she shook what her mama gave her.
And at the weekend, while at Guvnor, Meddie surrendered his entire security detail to escort Fabiola to the washrooms. He remained with a friend and he was on his toes peeping in the direction of the ladies.
A source told us that Meddie secured full time bouncers to escort Fabiola wherever she goes. Many people were left wondering why Meddie is too protective of his new catch; but a source told us that he feels Fabiola’s nudes might expose her to attacks from either moralists or perverts.

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