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Mama Fiina showers Chameleone with money for singing her name

At this rate, Mama Fiina might as well be crowned as the biggest philanthropist on the entertainment scene. We don’t know whether it’s an order from the spirits, but Mama Fiina’s recent display of generosity is quite alarming. She recently gave singer King Saha a cool Shs3m during his Gundeze concert at Freedom City. Around the same time, she paid up singer Hajjati Madina’s hospital bills, cleared up her rent arrears and even gave her some more for upkeep. And Mama Fiina was at it again last Friday. The leader of the Uganda traditional healers association showered singer Jose Chameleone with millions during Catherine Kusasira’s Sonyiwa Bano concert at Hotel Africana.
And Chameleone didn’t have to do a lot; he simply sang out Mama Fiina’s name as he performed his Wale Wale hit. Mama Fiina signaled him to come down where she was seated. She got out bundles of Shs20,000 notes and started handing them over to him.
After sensing that the event MC Meddie Nsereko Sebuliba was getting closer to his money, Chameleone put off his cap and Mama Fiina filled it with money.
Sources closer to where Mama Fiina was seated, told us that she gave the singer Shs4m, but Chameleone remained tightlipped about the total amount he received.

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