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Fun Factory land oil deal

Ever since the discovery of oil in Hoima, most Ugandans even those dealing in paraffin will tell you that they are in oil and gas.
The latest on our desk is that comedy outfit Fun Factory have landed an oil and gas deal with Total. The comedy outfit has nothing to do with fuel, but they have tasted some of the money from the lucrative industry as they were contracted as the  chief entertainers and car washers when the fuel company was opening Total Najjera petrol station over the weekend.
The comedians led by Hannington Bugingo, Frobisher Lwanga, Richard Tuwangye and Tindi were all on show washing cars, bodas and anything else that is fuel propelled. And for their day’s labour, they earned a couple of millions, full-tanks for their cars and a few bites from the Total Bonjour cafe. So if you next hear these guys posing as oil tycoons, you now know why they are referring to themselves as such.

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