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Fashion tip : Fringed shoes for men

Fringed shoes for men. They are perfect for your casual look
With many Kampala folks clearly following the trends and making an effort to up their style game, you may need more than just having a cute pair of shoes to steal the show. You need something that makes a lasting statement.
So you can for instance, begin wearing some very cool detail on your shoes like the fringe. The fringed shoes, which many times are loafers are a very good way to stand out of the crowd for having the more stylish look.
These shoes are available in all types, from sandals to high tops and are a perfect match for all your casual looks.
You can decide to have the shoe coloured, so that it creates the colour element in your look. Alternatively, you can add it to a vintage inspired look.
The decision on whether to add socks when you wear these shoes depends on what look you want to achieve, and how experimental you like to get with your style.
Match these shoes with a pair of denim pants, chinos, and even dress pants, if the fringed shoes happen to be dress shoes, or loafers.
In case you are wondering where to buy these shoes, any shopping point with men’s wear will have them. Or even better, get in touch with me, I will be glad to lend my personal shopper services to you!

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