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Sqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photosSqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photos

Four One One

Anne Kansiime not moved by Rich Gang’s money

So much has been said about the boldness of people of Anne Kansiime’s tribe. But we shall not be caught in the tribal rave, since even President Museveni cautioned people on Bakiga talk on social media, so we shall simply go straight to narrate Kansiime’s most recent display of boldness.
The comedian was out and about at her usual job of cracking people’s ribs at the weekend. This time round, Anne’s talent took her down South as the headliner at the annual Star QT Fashion awards premiere held at the Johannesburg City Hall.
And during her performance, moneybags Ivan Ssemwanga and King Lawrence of the Rich Gang group took to the stage. Kansiime didn’t only refuse to hand the mic to Ivan, but she went ahead to refer to King Lawrence as Ivan’s “backup dancer.”  In a bid to prove his worth, Lawrence pulled out money and started tossing it all over the stage, but Kansiime remained unmoved to the crowd’s chagrin. Instead, the female comedian joked that “These guys are very good, they are here to offer me free security, so no one can touch me!”
Kansiime went ahead to refer to the two as sangomas (South African term for witchdoctor) “no wonder as I checked in at the airport, they thought I was a sangoma like these guys. They thought I was also here to shake calabashes. Please send the money home your people need it,” Kansiime went on. Ivan, seemingly irked by the mention of the term sangoma, walked closer to Kansiime and started throwing lots of money directly at her. He followed her as she walked off the podium.
And just when people thought it had all ended on stage, Kansiime stopped at nothing to blast the show organisers in a Facebook post.
“Having showed up with the love and paid highly to enjoy your evening only to be disrespected by amateur organisation, poor sound, and a very unapologetic and unremorseful promoter, I feel sorry for my fans,” read Kansiime’s post

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