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How to be …Katikkiro Mayiga Tinkasimire

loyal to the royal:  Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga is famous for his Etofaali fundraising campaign. Ian Ford Nkera guides you on how to be like him.

Buganda Kingdom Katikkiro (Prime Minister) Charles Peter Mayiga surely knows how to leave a mark. The flamboyant lawyer has become a household name after spearheading the Etofaali project in which billions have been collected to re-establish the Amasiiro (royal tombs), which were torched some years back, and other development projects like Masengere Plaza.

Mayiga has traversed the world begging Muganda after Muganda and other well-wishers to “tithe” in Buganda’s favour and the response has been overwhelming. There hasn’t been much difference between a trader in Masaka and a nkuba kyeyo in Dubai. They have all given generously that you are convinced the Kasubi Tombs will have branches of their own, like Kasubi Tombs Dubai Branch!
The brilliance of Mayiga was highlighted by the Etofaali masterstroke and I am sure the Kabaka couldn’t have gotten a better choice for the Katikkiro job. He is cunning, vibrant and full of love for Buganda. If you ever felt that you wanted to be like Charles Peter Mayiga, here is your guide

Man of the people
Charles Peter Mayiga is a very popular figure among the Baganda people. He is adored by the young and the old alike because of his down to earth nature. To be remotely popular like Mayiga, you must be somehow likeable or do something special to draw admiration of the people. Basically, you could be the guy who contributes at all his friends’ wedding meetings or the guy who everyone runs to for a soft loan. It’s quite an expensive exercise but the bottom-line is that you must always be available. If your friends have you as their popular choice for a quick loan all the time and never invite you for coffee, it’s because you are probably ugly with no sense of humour but with a fat wallet. They can handle that.

Cunning and strategic
This man has really drained the pockets of the beloved subjects of the Buganda Kingdom. Sorry, it can’t be called draining since Baganda will follow the Kabaka to his grave and any move to uphold the legacy of His Royal Highness Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi will be received with open arms. Trust me, Mayiga has collected money (etofaali) from the deepest villages in Buganda and beyond in the smartest ways you can imagine. Use Kabaka’s name and you are “in things.” He has also tried to see eye with the government for the sake of the kingdom.
To be like Charles Peter Mayiga, you must make strategic moves at your place of work. Don’t just sit at your office and enjoy the free WiFi. If you are a sales officer who hasn’t closed a deal in the last year, the bad news is that there may not be a chance for a brain transplant but the good news is that you can always turn things around.

The King Of Sheeba

The lawyer -cum- politician has become a socialite of sorts. He is a regular figure at many social gatherings often mixing it up with subjects on the dancefloor. Once in a while, you will find him “going down low” with artistes. The Katikkiro can be stealthy when he decides to. To be like Charles Peter Mayiga, you must have a free spirit that allows you to rock the dancefloor regardless of your social status. Be the bank branch manager caught on camera doing the ‘bend over’ with Namasuba housemaids at Enkuuka Y’omwaka.

Kabaka’s work horse
In Mayiga, Kabaka landed himself a loyal worker. Charles Peter Mayiga will do anything the Kabaka says without question. He will eat where the Kabaka eats and basically follow the Kabaka wherever he goes, but we all know Baganda would follow their Kabaka into a pit.
To be like Charles Peter Mayiga, be that person who has no choice but to be loyal. It’s like that chick whose tuition through university has been paid for by her boyfriend and has no choice but to stick with him. You can be like her. Just be that person who simply asks no questions when they are directed to do something.


This is a humour column and the views expressed henceforth may not neccesarily be an objective assessment of the individual.

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