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Connie Tiffs

Connie’s Tiffs : Money surely can’t buy class

The first time I saw a group of guys snatching pineapples from the back of a pick-up truck in heavy traffic, I was shocked. Yes, but oba it did not hit me that hard? I mean this was a group of hooligans, the kind that wake up to stress every town in which they exist.
However, last week as I travelled back to Kampala from Jinja, I saw a rather shocking incident. A sack of charcoal fell off a speeding pick-up along the highway as we manoeuvered through Mabira Forest. The driver did not realise soon enough that one bag had fallen off so they continued driving, until another driver alerted them.
In this mix, one of the cars in line, an ML 350 oba stopped immediately. The driver, a seemingly well-polished lad, walked out boldly and together with his colleague lifted the bag and forced it into the car boot.
Fortunately or unfortunately for them, the owners arrived just as they were forcing this sack in their car. You should have been there to see the embarrassment on the duo’s faces. Now I know that it’s true what they say, money cannot buy class, values, respect, and integrity among others. I mean I wondered what was wrong with these well-polished lads carrying a sack of charcoal off the road without even paying for it. Isn’t that theft in the first place? Talk about the perfect way to expose off one’s grade in society in terms of upbringing and so many other things.
Some people can be too bold for life. This duo reminded me of the “villagers” that hit our streets in certain months and start flaunting tu dimes in the sickest ways like sharing pics of them fishing money from swimming pools, throwing weird parties and trying so hard to behave like they own a certain part of this country but surprisingly flee when the money is done and re-appear when least expected. Talk about the weird tales of Kampala’s class of local chaps, eeish!

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