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The music video : Zigido – Eddy Kenzo

Eddy Kenzo has given us a couple of dances; Stamina and Bolingo dance just to mention but a few. Of course, he also brought various Sitya Loss dances.  Some men do have the Midas touch for great songs, Eddy Kenzo has one for music videos, especially those that will keep you entertained, and inspire you to dance along. Zigido is another of those music videos where Kenzo decides to bring a new dance our way.
Like King Midas in Greek mythology, Eddy Kenzo perfectly brings a wow factor to every dance, turning it from dust into gold. That’s what he does in this Zigido video.
The video starts off with Eddy Kenzo standing by a background that shows us the best that Kampala has to offer as far as skyscrapers are concerned. We can see Workers’ House, Uganda House and many other notable features in the city. Of course, the background is fused with the blue skies and white fluffy clouds; this forms the life of the video.
The video is set-up in “the shanty town” of Nsambya. It’s still another of those videos that casts the imagery of the poverty back in Africa, but with the citizenry choosing to have a laugh at that poverty. The video also brings back memories of the famous village clowns aka dikuulas that earned a living off their clownish ways.
The video comes to a climax with a group of clowns converging around a pot of local brew, malwa style. You will certainly love it when these drunkards pull off their dances. For once, you will appreciate the power of malwa.

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