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The music video : Ndakwikundira – Michael Ross

In this video, Michael Ross chooses to go Rwandan. The plot is unsophisticated but executed for maximum effect. To summarise it, we have Michael Ross and his Rwandan girlfriend. The girlfriend keeps on catching him red-handed flirting with other girls. She’s thus distraught and angered by her sweetheart’s behaviour. Micheal Ross then goes on an explanation odyssey, assuring his lovely girl that despite all she sees, his heart belongs to her.
The video is shot in a location that brings out a true Kinyarwanda setup of the countryside. We have those mud and wattle houses, with goats tethered by the side. It’s a video where the traditional roles are played out. The women work out the mortars and pestles while the men are relegated to collecting firewood (only in this video). And as usual, as the women work, they engage in the famous girl talk.
Then we have the traditional Kinyarwanda attires, Michael Ross moves around confidently in his slippers and brings on the aspect on a true villager trying to evolve into one that’s styled up. You will fall in love with his African fabric shirt. He dons it superbly and injects it with a breath of a new fashion.
The woman is not about to forgive Michael Ross until he goes down on his two knees and pleads for forgiveness.  He also gets to propose in the same moment. To bring out the true joy in a woman, show her anything that resembles a ring. The delighted lady has no option but to warmly embrace the ‘lost and found’ husband.
The climax of the video partially turns out to be the only flaw. One, it takes out the traditional setup of this video. I doubt any person in the Rwandan countryside knows about proposing to a woman with a ring. No way. Delete the ring bit and you have a nothing but a splendid video.

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