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The music video : Kitte by Aziz Azion

These guys of Jah Live have perfected the art of giving us the best of video plots. In the Kitte music video by Aziz Azion, one is enticed by the plot from the start to the finish.
The video starts off with this who can’t get over his ex. By the time he arrives at the church, the priest has already joined the ex and her new guy in holy matrimony. He meets them as they walk out of the church. Something special to note at this point, the maroon blazer of the groom matches with the hair of the bride. That is some commendable attention to detail on the part of the video director. Since we are still noticing the details, if you look close enough as you watch this video, you will be awed by the priest’s shoes. Hahaha, that priest has swag.
One may then inquire about the role of Aziz Azion in this video. Poor Azion is the other character that plays the role of a good friend trying to advise this young man to move on. He keeps pleading with him saying, “Kitte.”
The man is so persistent, he’s not about to give up. He follows the newly-weds to the reception venue. The clingy man approaches the bride and groom on the high table and pulls off those infamous sangoma stunts. He takes out bundles of money and lays them on the table to try and convince the woman to change her mind.
I just think this video would have ended in a better way if they showed the man climbing to the top floor of Workers’ House and acting out the Chameleone moves of high jump. Now that’s a better way to let go.

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