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The dvd :The Loft

How does the idea of having a room to which you can go to anytime you want to escape from the “world” sound like? I am talking about a luxurious room that you don’t have to pay for. One you can take hot girls you meet at parties and bars to and make out without leaving a trail from credit cards and details at hotel receptions that your partner could find. Sounds like a pretty cool idea, right?  No wonder, five married friends Luke Seacord (Wentworth Miller), Vincent Stephens (Karl Urban), Dr Chris Vanowen (James Marsden), Marty Landry (Eric Stonestreet) and Phillip Williams (Matthias Schoenaerts) are easily convinced to get keys to the room.
In this room, they reveal the other side of them, an undesirable side as they try to exhaust their sexual thirst in vain, it seems like the best thing that has ever happened to them since they get to have and enjoy a double life.
But things blow up in their face when one morning, they find a woman lying dead in the loft. They risk losing everything they claim to hold dear; their wives and the bond with their children leave alone the embarrassment that will come with police getting involved.
It is so messy yet confined in their little room that has been turned bloody, they cannot figure out what to do. Despite what the plot might suggest, there aren’t that many erotic scenes. This is an intriguing movie, a must watch.

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