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The dvd : Get Hard

If you want to enjoy this flick, take off your serious hat. If you don’t, some scenes that are meant to be funny will be annoying. The flick features Darnell (Kevin Hart) and James (Will Ferell). Darnell is hustling to keep his car wash open while James is stinking rich with a hot young babe for a wife. She is with him because of his money but he doesn’t care because he has got the money anyway.
Everything changes the day he is promoted at work. His new title gives him access to clients’ money, making it easy for his boss to frame him. It looks like there is no way out for him. When court announces that he will go to prison and gives him 30 days to get his affairs in order. He buys into the idea of paying Darnell to prepare him for prison. James assumes that Darnell has ever been imprisoned because he is black and follows all his orders, little knowing that it is all from a movie he watched about prison. Darnell plays along because it is going to earn him lots of bucks.
James’ mansion is turned into a prison and his workers become inmates. It is like a movie in a movie. It is hilarious. James has been living a delicate life surrounded by tens of servants and people who tell him only what he wants to hear. If a fly was buzzing around him, he would call a servant and ask them to get rid of it instead of waving his hands to ward it off. Preparing him for the prison is the hardest thing ever. Bits of this movie are so unrealistic and plastic. They seem like a rehearsal, but on the whole, this flick is fun to watch.

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