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The DVD : Down to Earth

Seeing as humans are always comparing themselves to others and wishing they were what they are not, it sounds pretty cool to have an opportunity to own another person’s body and everything that comes with being them, doesn’t it?
Lance (Chris Rock) is a delivery boy that is passionate about comedy. But every time he gets on stage at the amateur show, he is booed.  On the night he was not booed, he dies in an accident.
When he goes to “heaven” it turns out it was a mistake that he died so the “people” there decide to go to earth and get him a body of someone that’s about to die. Body aside, Lance is the same; he still likes hip hop music, watches BET, he still has his black American accent and goes to amateur comedy nights to perform. These traits in a body of an unpopular 50 plus year old overweight white rich man is overwhelming for those that can only judge him based on his appearance. Once, two boys beat him up because he sang “their” song. It is hilarious.
In that body, he manages to get the audience to laugh at his jokes and hooks up with a beautiful woman (Regina King) who he had liked when he was still in his original body. The two exchange kisses just when he has to find another body.  So he has to start the hustle of hooking up with the girl and coming up with good jokes all over again in one hilarious scene after another. The acting is on point and the movie is indeed a comedy. This is an enjoyable watch.

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