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The DVD : Delivery Man

This movie’s title doesn’t do it any justice. The plot is far from simplistic because David (Vince Vaughn) is not your ordinary delivery man. He is the most incompetent deliveryman and the only reason as to why he has not been fired is because he works at a family butcher shop.
David has a very interesting life. During his time as a student he donated sperms 693 times at a fertility centre under the pseudo name Starbuck. He was paid about $35 (about Shs100,000) each time he donated.
Years later, after a long day, he finds a lawyer from the fertility centre in his apartment. The lawyer was there to tell him that his sperms were of such a good quality that he fathered 693 children. And that’s not all, 533 of the children were demanding to know him.
But who fathers 693 children?  In what  house would they live? How does a sane human being donate sperms 693 times? It is crazy! It is overwhelming and to add to the insanity, at about the same time, David learns that his girlfriend is also with a child.
Meanwhile he has to face court and since he is broke, so he is left with no choice but to hire his friend Brett (Chris Pratt) as his lawyer. Brett has never been in court since after school and doesn’t even have a licence but is going to try to demand that David’s identity remains secret.
Oh by the way, have you seen what the slim Pratt looks like? Dude looks so hot, why did he willingly become as fat as he was?

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