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Ziza Bafana gets car for concert do

Singer Ziza Bafana is the most recent celebrity to have a go at Urban TV presenter Mary Luswata. Bafana recorded a video message to Luswata. The singer called her names, on top of reminding the presenter who had discredited his command of the Queen’s language that he is not where he is because of English. However, the beginning of Bafana’s message is what attracted our attention. “I’m driving a new car. It’s a Ford and it’s very expensive. Such cars are driven by rich men,” Bafana bragged.
True, Bafana has a new Ford Navigator. It is an American-made SUV and it goes for about Shs35m at the bond. Our investigation could only get more interesting after a source close to Bafana volunteered the 411 about how the singer acquired his new baby.
“Man, the chap (Bafana) sold off his concert for a car,” said the source, who seemed bothered by his buddy’s move. Bafana signed an agreement with promoter Benon Kasenene aka BK- of the Radio & Weasel Vs Bebe Cool battle fame to surrender his car- the Ford Navigator to him, in exchange for management rights for his upcoming Guluma Nasomye Bamufitina concert. Slated for August 7. It will be Bafana’s second concert after last year’s Pomini held at Club Ambiance Parking Lot.
But by the look on his face in the video, Bafana seemed very proud of his move-  after all it’s his talent and he is now cruising a serious ride. Congs Bafana.

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