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Uganda’s Little Hands go Green to reward children for tree planting

Over the weekend, the Uganda’s Little Hands Go Green initiative celebrated a milestone, making three years. Although known to love parties, the founder and CEO Joseph Masembe did not throw a party for his employees and stakeholders. Instead, he announced that they will be celebrating their third anniversary by checking on all the trees they have planted since their inception.
“We will not be known to just plant trees. We want to make sure the trees grow. We want to ensure the cause gets to where we want it to go,” he said.
Starting June 5, World Environment Day, the Uganda’s Little Hands Go Green team will embark on a search for all the trees that they have given to children since the campaign started.
“We shall reward all children that have managed to take care of the trees we gave them with green certificates, tree tags and prizes. We are sure these rewards will be worth the children’s efforts towards taking charge of their environment,” Masembe added.
The door to door move will go on up to August 23, the day the Green Festival takes place at Kololo Airstrip.
“We have planted and given out over 80,000 fruit trees in Kampala alone. We are liasing with area LCs, the Environment ministry and Nema to do the follow up on these trees. We are concretising partnerships with the above bodies to use this chance to appoint environment neighbourhood watch ambassadors,” Masembe told us. He added that National Forestry Authority has earmarked over 15,000 fruit trees for the project that will start in Kampala and then spread to other districts.

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