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Pallaso quits Team No Sleep, Sheebah on her way out

A week after lashing out at tabloids and online news sites for “painting him as a bad man”, singer Pallaso officially announced that he had quit Team No Sleep. In a brief statement he sent to friends on Whatsapp and other social media outlets, Pallaso said it was a painful decision. “Today marks exactly the first day that I’m officially out of Team No Sleep (TNS)! It is a painful decision but I have finally decided to move on,” Pallaso’s statement read in part. The singer said the reasons for his abrupt move were painful but he promised to make further revelations at a comfortable time.
“My new camp is called Team Good Music|Bullet Proof Soldiers. I will soon tell you who my new manager is as well as artistes I will be working with!”
Sources close to Pallaso said the singer got misunderstandings with his manager, Jeff Kiwanuka, after he asked him for details about the death of his brother AK47. AK died about three months ago after allegedly falling in the bathrooms at Dejavu pub owned by Jeff.
The source revealed that the relationship between singer Sheebah Karungi, the other Team No Sleep big shot, and Jeff has been on a downward spiral for months. “They’ve disagreed about almost everything. Sheebah had to get her own people to handle her finances and this angered Jeff. She might follow Pallaso,” the source added.

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